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LAST WATERED: 05.18.2020     
Hi there, welcome to BLUME garden!

I am a flower farmer. I provide flower pots and this garden for everyone who is currently staying at home. This is a place where we can all meet and send out messages to people who we care about. Now, I need your help to make this a prosperous garden! All you need to do is to create your own beautiful flower in anyway possible! 

After all this time spent with my flowers, there is only one thing that I believe:
It’s never about how fast my flowers bloom, but how beautifully they bloom!
So take as much time as you need to create your flower(s)!

                                                    6 flowers here

                                                       75ºF /  Sunny


                                            How to populate the garden
                                            (or leave flower for someone)—

                                            1. Hit the ‘I want a pot, too!’ button︎
                                            2. Leave your name and message.
                                            3. Provide receiver’s name and email.
                                            4. Attach a clear photo of your flower(s).
                                            5. Hit send and check back later!

                                            (create your own flower if you can!)